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New Zealand is an excellent country to visit so long as you can brave the twenty-hour plane flight. As with any country though, there are a variety of New Zealand travel tips available which you should remember when planning your vacation. Firstly, one of the most important New Zealand travel tips which many people forget is when is the best time to go. Although New Zealanders describe their climate as beautiful throughout the year, you will certainly want to visit in the warmer summer months which (unlike North America) range from November into April. Make sure you know when the climate is the best for what you want to go to New Zealand to visit.

With its clean green image, stunning landscapes and interesting culture, New Zealand is being rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

Discover spectacular landscapes, new places, friendly people, mighty mountains, pristine harbors, huge waterfalls, geothermal springs, rain forests, plunging glaciers, delicious food and a smorgasbord of New Zealand Activities and unique Kiwi Experiences to indulge in.

The lonely Planet consistently rate New Zealand in their “TOP 10” destinations and the Global Peace Index has just rated NZ as the most peaceful country in the world.

We believe travelers are not only seeking fun and adventure while on their vacation but are also seeking the unique history and stories of each place that they are visiting.

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We invite you to search our North and South Island Travel Guides for Maori and early European history of each NZ region.

New Zealand Travel Tips accommodation category provides a wide variety of accommodation options to suit all tastes, from Backpacker Hostels, Last Minute Accommodation Deals, Luxury Accommodation to a picturesque Farmstay in the country.

Few New Zealanders live far from sight and sound of the sea. The ocean has determined the nature of this majestic country – and the events of its history and a great way to learn about this history are to embark on a genuine heritage cruise on one of New Zealand’s many beautiful harbors, lakes, and rivers.

One of the best ways to explore the country, view the stunning scenery, meet the Tangata Whenua and experience the famous kiwi lifestyle, is by enjoying a horseback riding tour on an endless ocean beach or forest trails.

Traveling to New Zealand requires a lengthy plane ride. Because of the huge amount of restrictions on airline passengers nowadays.

Always remember to never carry any contraband material on your body or in any of your carry on luggage, as you will be thoroughly searched before you board an airplane. Also, one of the most important New Zealand travel tips is to never forget your passport when traveling to any other country. Many countries require you to present your passport when you enter their country and when you leave, so be sure you always have it with you.

Best Time To Visit New Zealand

New Zealand travel tips also apply to what you should bring when you visit such a beautiful and unique country. If you are visiting during their summer months, you only need to bring clothes for warmer weather, such as shorts and short sleeve shirts. Alternatively, if you are visiting during their winter months, bring long pants and jackets so you can stay warm an toasty. Also, New Zealand has a unique variety of flora and fauna which you cannot generally find anywhere else in the world. One of the more important New Zealand travel tips is to avoid such animals if possible, especially the duck-billed platypus, as it is extremely poisonous and can cause you tremendous pain and suffering if you are stung by it.…